MERA’s certified appraisers do more than place a value on rugs.  Their approach is comprehensive, accurate and impartial. They are specialists, with unlimited resources whose knowledge and expertise range from current, in-the-market rug values to cleaning & restoration - they know rugs.


This is critical if you must…

  • ​Determine restorability - whether a rug partially damaged by fire, flood or another insurable cause must be replaced, or if it can be cleaned and repaired, with reasonable risk, and reasonable cost relative to its value.

  • Settle disputed claims. MERA relies upon real in-the-market comparables to place values, especially in the complex world of antique, art-quality or trend-dependent rugs.

  • Adjust major Commercial Losses when many rugs are involved, especially at a store or warehouse.


MERA’s appraisals are handled in the most efficient way possible, often electronically, which can save time and enable you to serve your client better. When necessary, we travel worldwide to assess value and provide expert testimony. 

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