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Rug and Home Furnishings Professionals

In Today’s multi-tiered retail environment, selling fine-quality rugs is much more challenging than even a decade ago. It takes much more product knowledge and depends on careful listening and building trust.


MERA educates and energizes your entire team, instilling greater product knowledge and increased confidence. The result is more effective in selling and a better bottom line.


MERA knows rugs.

  • How rugs are made

  • Patterns and materials

  • A historical perspective

  • Natural product variations

  • Judging and comparing the quality

From the phones- to the sales floor- to the delivery guys…everyone is in sales.


MERA will train your entire team to:

  • Listen properly

  • Ask smart questions

  • Develop customer trust

  • Increase profit with add-ons

  • Sell the whole house

  • Get referrals

  • Follow-up


They focus on business imperatives that are critically important to you as an owner including:

  • Building your reputation

  • Enhancing your selling environment

  • Setting yourself apart from the competition

  • Generating after-the-sale dollars

  • Marketing more effectively


If the turn on your rug inventory isn’t what it should be, call MERA. They put the romance back in rugs and provides you the tools to sell them with confidence.

Insurance & Legal Professionals 

  • Insurance Companies

  • Professional Insurance Adjusters

  • Attorneys- Trusts & Estates and Litigators


If dealing with fine rugs has you "tied in knots" MERA can help.  Insurance and legal profes-sionals face unique challenges every day., even those with high net worth clients, handle relatively few Oriental and Fine Rug claims over the course of a year. We see thousands.


Simply stated, MERA’s goal is to provide you with the tools to make you more efficient and help you make a more informed decision on how to proceed when you are dealing with fine rugs.

  • What are you looking at?

  • Gathering info

  • Triage procedures

  • Repair and Restoration Options

  • What to expect in a Professional Report

  • Case Studies

  • Q & A

If you need a guest lecturer, a seminar at an industry conclave, or an educational session at a company meeting, please contact us today.

Our Clients include:

  • Oriental Rug Retailers of America (ORRA)

  • Nebraska Furniture Mart

  • Americas Mart University National Oriental Rug Show- Atlanta

  • Karastan National Dealers Conference

  • Adjuster’s Roundtable of Boston

  • ASID New England Chapter CEU Courses

  • Amica Insurance Adjuster’s Workshop

  • NH Furniture Masters


For more information,

please contact us today.

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