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Our Nationwide network of Certified Oriental Rug Appraisers (CRA) provides comprehensive, accurate and impartial appraisals, presented in a professional and easily-understood format.

Trusts & Estates

Legal professionals and other interested parties with fiduciary obligations in trust and estate situations are often called upon to value fine rugs for tax reasons or equitable distribution among parties. Our Certified Appraisals determine the real worth of rugs so you can accurately represent them on tax return filings, and, they can be confidently passed on, sold outright or valued for auction.

Litigation and Expert Testimony

Disputes involving Oriental Rugs are not uncommon, including major Insurance loss, divorce, and, equitable distribution of estate assets. In each scenario, it is extremely important that reports and testimony upon which you must rely are clear, comprehensive, accurate and, above all, defensible in case of a challenge.

MERA’s appraisals are backed by a combined 80 years experience and current in-the-market expertise. In cases, where proper valuation must be based upon more than the information at hand, MERA takes a forensic approach to support their opinions.

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