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The MERA Group’s unique, anecdotal approach to Product and Sales Training provides the tools to help your sales team think like a customer. 

We provide Sales & Product Training to the Rug and Home Furnishing Professionals & Industry Groups:

The MERA Group has an innovative approach to sales and product training.

We know what it takes to understand the customer's needs.  Our unique anecdotal approach allows us to connect with your team and help them think like a customer.  We work with trade associations, retail, professional and hospitality clients of all sizes – any organization that can benefit from better client service.   We show you what it takes so that every customer leads to another.

We provide your team with tools and techniques that have proven effective for us for over 40 years.  Our unique anecdotal approach will transform them from good to great and help to:

  • Boost their confidence

  • Understand the value of your brand

  • Know their product

  • Under promise and over deliver

  • Dance with their customers

  • Make every customer part of your sales force

“The MERA session was extremely worthwhile and very well done. We had great feedback from the attendees, and I’m confident we’ll expand upon their program in the future.”

          — AmericasMart

    Atlanta, Georgia

We offer Sales & Customer

Service Training for:

  • Rug and Home Furnishings


  • Insurance Adjusters

  • Legal Professionals

  • Industry Groups

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