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Everyone Is In Sales


MERA Training sessions deliver the tools your entire team can use right out of the gate to provide unequaled customer satisfaction at every level of your organization …


MERA knows great customer service.

  • How to listen

  • Understanding your real product

  • Dancing with your customers

  • Under promising and over delivering

  • Understanding the value of your brand

  • Making the customers part of your sales force


MERA makes it memorable!

  • They entertain.

  • They educate.

  • They motivate.

An unbeatable combination when you need to educate and motivate your team to feel more confident about what they are selling and how to take the lead with every customer.


Keep your customers from going to your competition.

  • Energize your team

  • Boost their confidence

  • Prove that everyone is in sales


MERA offers:

  • 90-minute seminars

  • Half-day workshops

  • On-the floor training

  • One-on-one coaching

If you want to be the company everyone else has to chase, please contact us today.

“You reminded us of what we

must do to stay competitive,

positive and provide phenomenal customer service.”

Marylou Blaisdell,

Owner of DesignWares – Nashua, NH

Click below to watch
Sy deliver some of his favorite training sessions:

• Who Is The Competition •

• "Dancing" with Your Customers •

• Protect Referrals •

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