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The value of fine rugs has changed dramatically in recent years — both up and down.  It's important to know the current value of your rug(s).  As an individual, you can rely upon the MERA Group for their expertise and objectivity.

For Insurance – 

  • You need to get an accurate evaluation in order to get proper coverage or collect on a loss.

You’ve Inherited – 

  • You might keep it, you might sell it. Either way, it's important to know its value, for tax and insurance purposes, or to make sure you get what it’s worth.


You’re Buying – 

  • You see a rug for sale privately or through a dealer and want to make sure the price is fair. A reputable and reasonable seller will not resist a third-party appraisal from an impartial expert.


You’re Selling – 

  • What about that rug you bought for your first apartment, the one that doesn’t fit your current décor? Is it worth selling or trading, or has it become a mover’s blanket?

You’re just Curious – 

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