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Professional Rug Appraisers

Consultants  Sales Trainers

What makes us different?

We are professional USPAP Certified Rug Appraisers and experts in every aspect of buying, selling, restoration and appraisal of all types of fine rugs. 

“…we use The MERA Group whenever the need arises, to provide us with impartial values in order to expedite fair and reasonable settlements with our insureds. Their years

of experience have been invaluable.”


The Andover Companies

If you need to know:

  • Is this rug authentic?

  • Where did it come from?

  • What is the value?

  • Is it worth repairing?

We can provide answers!​

Appraising fine rugs is a highly skilled task…

The MERA Group is committed to providing you with unbiased, professional and accurate advice and rug evaluations. The MERA Group’s founding partners,

Steve Boodakian and Sy Mahfuz are Certified Rug Appraisers. Their comprehensive appraisals comply with the rigid Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practices  (USPAP) guidelines which set them apart from most rug sellers and appraisal generalists.

Thousands of rugs have passed through their hands, as they are constantly called upon by Insurance Professionals, Attorneys, Restoration Companies and Individuals to accurately value all types of Oriental and Custom Designed rugs in a variety of circumstances. 

Steve & Sy_edited.jpg

The Rug Guys:  Sy & Steve

Expert Rug Appraisers, Consultants and Speakers

MERA’s principals are among the most respected Oriental rug dealers in the United States …

Steve and Sy are both third generation rug guys who developed a passion for

the art of rugs from the generations before them.  They have more than 80 years combined experience buying, appraising, designing, importing, selling, cleaning and repairing high-quality Oriental and area rugs.  Both have been contributing editors to a number of industry-specific journals and online forums including:   Rug News, Rug Insider, Decorative Rug Magazine and 


Steve and Sy have also been featured in articles on Oriental rugs in the Boston Globe, Boston Herald, Yankee magazine, Newsweek, the Wall Street Journal and

public television’s This Old House.

The MERA Group provides:
Sales Training and Industry Specific Education on a variety of rug topics to Rug & Home Furnishings, Insurance and Legal Professionals

We tailor our programs to you and your company,and provide you with the tools to build relationships for life and keep customers and clients coming back.

We work with trade associations, retail, professional and hospitality clients of all sizes – any organization that can benefit from better client service. We show you what it takes so that every customer leads to another.

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